Disk Protect

ID Disk Protector 1.2

ID Disk Protector 1.2: ID Disk Protector protects your disk drives. Disk Protector prevents your hardware from any read/write operations. - Secures any personal options you may have set using the ID Disk Protector. It provides a launch-operating password, filtering access to its features. - ID Disk Protector discretely keeps private any protective measure you may have taken against your operating system. It doesn`t show the fact that you may enabled/disabled the disk protection. - ID Disk Protector has a sleek, easy

Disk Password Protection Password protect the operating system load, disks, and their partitions
Disk Password Protection

protection logic and the innovative technology of accessing disk partitions provide stronger protection and help avoid the potential interference of unauthorized software in the protection algorithms of the utility. Disk Password Protection is perfectly optimized to work with Windows 8 or higher and can be used to control load protection in BIOS and with UEFI. In addition to MBR disks support, the utility has the feature of protection of the disk

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Ease Folder Guard 8.98: Quickly and simply password-protect, hide and disguise folders for protection.
Ease Folder Guard 8.98

protection package. It can quickly and simply protect folders with high confidentiality. You can choose from the three methods when protecting a folder. Folder password-protection is a powerful feature. After a folder is protected with this method, it is a must for you to enter the correct password before each access, and the password is valid in any environment. And, a password-protected folder will automatically restore the protected-status after

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KaKa Private Disk 3.50: Allows you to create private disks to protect your sensitive data.
KaKa Private Disk 3.50

Disks: You could create countless private disk as you wish. Variable Size Disk Drives: No need to specify a disk size, the private disk size will grow and shrink depending on its usage. Password Protected: Allows you to set a login password and each private disk manage password. This allows you to set different private disk for different people use. Hot-Keys: You can use Hot-Keys to easy open the disks List or to close all open disks. This provides

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Secret Disk 6.5: Creates invisible password protected invisible disk on your PC
Secret Disk 6.5

Disk creates invisible password protected invisible disk on your PC to store any private files of yours. It will appear as usual disk on your PC. It will completely disappear within one second when you need top privacy. Files stored on this disk will be protected. It is password protected. It will act as usual disk to store your files, pictures, videos. When Secret Disk is visible a small icon blinks in the tray. Just click it and Secret Disk will

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KaKa Folder Protector 5.56: KaKa Foder protector is a powerful and easy-to-use program for protection
KaKa Folder Protector 5.56

KaKa Folder Protector is a powerful and easy-to-use program for protecting your data.It can lock,hide and encrypt any folder including flash disk and removable hard disk.1.Fast and Simple:With one-click protection and unprotection. Instant protection and unprotection2.Strong protection technology:Using 256-bit Blowfish Encryption that can effectively encrypt and lock all your files.

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Dekart Private Disk 2.09: Powerful, reliable and flexible disk encryption program for Windows.
Dekart Private Disk 2.09

disk encryption program that lets you create encrypted disk partitions (drive letters) to protect your confidential information. Private Disk hides and restricts access to your programs and data. Dekart Private Disk features an innovative Disk Firewall mechanism - a unique technology that shields your files from viruses and other malware even if your antivirus or antispyware program fails to protect the system. Now you can create a white-list of

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